A Vibration of Energy Taking Us Beyond the 21st Century


Q. What is a spiritual healer?

A. This is a person who is used by the Healing Intelligence through whose intercession this wonderful law of spiritual healing will take effect. The healer is the instrument through which the healing power can be channeled to the patient. Like a telephone connection the healer simply provides a link between the Source of healing and the patient. Whilst he/she can intercede and request healing, the healer cannot determine the manner in which the Healing Intelligence will work, or the way which the patient will react to healing

Q. Can the healer guarantee that I shall be cured

A.No one can guarantee a complete cure of every disease or condition, whether the medium is an orthodox doctor, witch-doctor or spiritual healer. However, complete cures have been known in thousands of cases where orthodox medicine has failed.

Q. How is spiritual healing able to achieve cures, which are often beyond the scope of orthodox medicine?

A.Man is, first and foremost, a spirit with a body, and not simply a body with a spirit. His true and natural affinity is not with the material environment in which he dwells for a few short years, but the Source of all life. The purpose of healing is to bring about the spiritual regeneration of man. To restore a state of harmony between the essential facets of his highly complex nature. Without such harmony we cannot be healthy. Whereas our earthly doctors frequently treat only the effects of disease, spiritual healing first of all sets out to remedy the CAUSE. Once this has been done a state of health returns. This is the principal reason why spiritual healing is able to help many who, sadly, have been consigned to the scrap heap of life by medical science.

Q. Should I stop attending my doctor when receiving spiritual healing?

A.No. This is not advisable and by NZ law a spiritual healer never advises a client to stop medication. By receiving both medical treatment and spiritual healing you will receive the best treatment from both worlds. The responsibility of whether the patient should stop attending his doctor must lie with the patient, and not the healing medium. The ultimate goal of every healer is to be able to work in co-operation with the medical profession. No healer seeks to usurp the place of the doctor in our society.

Q. Have I anything to fear from spiritual healing?

A.Simply the answer is NO. Most people, when they ask this question, really mean, Will it hurt? There is nothing to fear from spiritual healing, each healing wherever it may take place is in the hands of God. The freeing of a locked joint or the realignment of a slipped disc, for example, is brought about solely through the power of healing dealing with emotion and not as the result of any manipulative techniques used by the healer. Many patients when they first visit a healer are a little apprehensive. The complete naturalness of healing quickly dispels any fears or doubts the patients may formerly have had. Soon, even the most tense person, becomes fully relaxed and at ease, imbued with a sense of well being, as the Healing Energy seeks to bring about spiritual, mental and physical alignment.

Q. Is it necessary to visit a healer more than once?

A.Many alleged failures of healing occur because a patient visits a healer once or twice, and then, for no apparent reason breaks the contact. The healing process often requires a period of time to achieve the maximum effect. It is advisable to maintain regular visits, until the problem is completely dissolved.

Q. Will I be asked to remove any clothing when visiting a healer?

A.With the possible exception of an outer coat or jacket and then only for comfort you will at no time be asked, nor expected, to remove any clothing. This is completely unnecessary in spiritual energy healing.

Q. Is it not a fact that healing is only really effective in the case of ailments which are of a nervous or mental character?

A.Most assuredly not. A percentage of those who seek healing are suffering from some condition, which is psychosomatic in origin; but this is true of the patients who visit a doctor's consulting room. With Aquarian Healing the healer will also look at emotions indicated through muscle testing, as to what is the underlying emotional cause. An emotionally induced symptom tends to cause organic change if persisted in long enough.

Q. If healing comes to us from God, why does it sometimes seem to take so long to work?

A.We have, first of all, to appreciate that there are not miracles, either of healing or of anything else merely the manifestation of natural law as yet unknown to us and although there are many spontaneous recoveries, healing, generally speaking, is a progressive process. Every act of healing conforms to the immutable laws of nature, laws to which every single facet of life is subjected to. If the condition of a physical organism has deteriorated over many years as a result of disease, then complete function cannot be restored “overnight”. A period of time is often needed for the healing potential to restore, for instance, flexibility to a joint which has been locked for many years, or to repair the damage done to internal organs by the ravages of some long standing disease. At other times healing, before it can remedy a purely physical condition, has first to restore harmony within the individual. This may necessitate the physical taking of minerals and vitamins to enable the physical body to repair. Although healing may sometimes need a little time to achieve its full effect, there are, enroute to recovery, many unmistakable signs that the healing potential is working, step by step, towards the restoration of physical, mental and bodily health.

Q. Spiritual healing does not always work, and so how do you account for the failures?

A.We do not always know the reason for the apparent failure of healing, and often we can do little but speculate as to the reason. It may, for instance, be that a state of inner discord has taken such a firm hold of the individual, that this presents an effective barrier to complete recovery. Many illnesses are, of course, caused by environmental factors, especially in our chemically loaded environment, or by an injudicious mode of life. Whilst healing frequently alleviates many of the effects in such cases, the cause all too often remains, and so we do not see the degree of improvement for which we had hoped. Often the illness returns after healing has brought an improvement, simply because the patient himself perpetuated the CAUSE by continuing to live albeit through no fault of his own amidst the very conditions which originated the ailment. e.g. Chemicals, toxins and heavy metals. In other cases the patient has yet to learn to live harmoniously with himself, or with other people, and persists in generating emotions of fear, anger, selfishness, etc. which throw the whole organism into a state of discord again. At other times, there is no apparent physical response and the patient dies. In such cases, even when terminally painful conditions are involved, the patient frequently enters a hitherto unknown state of physical and mental tranquility, subsequently passing from the earthly life without distress and often without the need for pain killing drugs and injections. In such cases we have to seriously ask ourselves whether healing has really failed. After all, it has succeeded in bringing peace at the end of earthly life – in itself a blessing – and enabled the transition from one state of consciousness to another to take place calmly and effortlessly, without physically, and all too often, mental anguish.

Q. Is Absent healing really as effective as contact healing?

A.It would be quite wrong to suggest that one form of healing is more effective than other. Whether the healer works with the patient seated before him, or by using a surrogate or even using himself. The Healing Intelligence works toward precisely the same effect – the restoration of spiritual, mental and bodily health. Just as there are some people who, unaccountably, respond more readily when there is personal contact with the healer. There are occasions when absent/surrogate healing can be utilized more fruitfully be utilized. This is particularly true in the treatment of young children, in cases of mental illness, and of drug and alcohol addiction.

Q. Can the patient help the healing process in any way?

A.Yes by learning to think positively. Thought is a very potent force in human life, and we can go a long way towards aiding the healing effort by positive and creative thinking. If the patient can adopt a positive attitude in anticipation of the desired results, the healing process will often be accelerated. The curse of the modern world is nervous tension. It is essential that when visiting a healer you should feel completely relaxed and this will assist the reception of the healing power. Some people say they cannot relax but after receiving healing, some have been so completely relaxed and are able to enjoy this new state of mind. Good health is a state of spiritual and physical harmony, and you have to make up your mind whether you want good health or not. Do not blame the healer if you are not improving after your first visit. Consider the length of time you have suffered before coming for energy healing. Remember that the healer, will help you all he can, but he cannot do the impossible, he can only work within the limits of natural laws.